Your nails are first soaked in a bubble hand bath with essential oils. Nails are shaped to your liking and cuticles are groomed as needed. My implements are always immersed in a hospital grade disinfectant solution approved for use in salons. After the essential grooming of the nails and cuticles, you can choose a paraffin dip or immersion in heated gloves for added comfort and relaxation. Finish off with regular classic polish, or speed up your go time with gel polish application. I like to use OPI gel lacquer and Gelish brand gel lacquer.


Your feet are soaked to soften with salts in my whirlpool pedicure bath. Nails are clipped to your desired comfort and cuticles groomed as needed. Your feet and heels with be sloughed with a disposable pumice file. You can then choose a cooling mentholated foot mask or a moisturizing salt scrub for your feet and legs. Again, my implements are always immersed in hospital grade disinfectant approved by NJ sate board. My whirlpool pedicure path is ALWAYS disinfected and cleaned with a professional, state board approved disinfectant, after each use!


As my client, we will discuss the look you want and length you want. I like to sculpt acrylics but tip application can be used for added strength if your nail base is extremely short. Your nails will be prepped for application and nail surface sanitized. They are applied and shaped as you desire. Refills are performed in the same manner, but I will inspect for lifts and/or bubbles in the acrylic application. Lifts and bubbles will be removed to insure proper adhesion and avoid green mold infiltration to nail bed surface. I will finish off with classic polish or gel polish of your choice. Again, I use OPI and Gelish brand gel polish.


Upon request, I can apply and SPF sunscreen to your hands, before insertion in LED lamp for added protection from ultra violet exposure from lamp curing process. Just ask!


Enjoy one hour of facial indulgence. Double cleanse/make up removal to start. Gentle or more vigorous exfoliation of the skin is then performed. I inspect and extract impurities and clogged pores from the skin. Steam and an appropriate facial mask are applied to further immerse essential needs to the skin. After those important features are performed, I will then indulge you with upper body, neck and facial massage to relax you into a place you never want to return from!