About Me

Kirsten Boninfante

Kirsten Boninfante

My name is Kirsten. Welcome to my website! I have been doing nails for over 30 years now. I graduated from Gordon Phillips Beauty School in 1988, with a full license in Cosmetology from the state of New Jersey. I started my own business, Professionails Nail and Hair Salon, back in 1993 after the birth of my son. Having my own business allowed me to customize my schedule to juggle being a business owner and a busy wife and mother as well.

I love doing nails! I specialize mostly in acrylic nail application. There are a lot of different artificial nail options now these days, but acrylic is what I have learned with and mastered over the years. I am artistic and enjoy adding a splash of nail art, if that’s what you desire. I learned airbrushing way back in high school art class and applied it to nails very early in my career. I can do some hand painting as well. A lot of my clients surf the internet for designs they like and I can reproduce them with my own flair and customize as well. I enjoy meeting new people and making them feel beautiful when they leave!

I also offer skin care facial services. I offer classic facial services with Dermalogica products in my salon as well. I enjoy performing facials, it offers me something different for clients to indulge in and it relaxes me, too! The setting of quiet, soothing scents, lighting, ambient music and performance of the service is soothing to me as well. It breaks up my day. I love clients telling me how good they feel and sometimes I can tell they’re napping while I’m working. Zzzzzz….

I am kind of old school. I am not the setting of a cheap walk in joint. My salon is not very large, not very fancy, but it is clean and meets state board requirements for a New Jersey salon license. I offer the latest products that I purchase in a professional beauty supply house, for professionals only. You know you will be getting top quality products for your services. I am born and raised in the USA so I speak English and can understand your requests and can have a friendly conversation with you. I feel this is a service industry and being able to forge good communication and friendships with clients is very important. I am not a walk in salon. Sorry but I work by APPOINTMENT ONLY. That way, my time is your time!

Please look on through my website and if you would like to make an appointment or have any questions, please call or text me any time at 609-332-6853. Thank you!